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Policies and Procedures

General Policies

  • By attending the event, you agree to follow these critical policies for the safety of the event staff, the market staff, and your fellow movie-goers. Alexandria Drive in has the right to remove anyone from the event who does not follow these policies. 

  • By attending the Alexandria Drive-In you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. 

  • Ticket price applies to each car. 

  • No refunds or exchanges. If you cannot use your reservation, we recommend giving it to a friend to use. 

  • No walk-up, motorcycles or bike-in guests. All attendees must arrive in an enclosed motor vehicle, and must remain inside the vehicle at all times, except to use the restrooms or purchasing food and/or drinks at one of the food trucks in accordance with the procedure set forth below.   

  • You must remove any trash you bring in or create during the film. There are no public waste receptacles available. 

  • In case of an emergency, you will be directed to an appropriate exit by parking lot staff. Please stay inside your vehicles.

  • By purchasing a ticket you agree that your picture or likeness may be used in any marketing form.

At the Check-In Gate

All guests, including the driver and each passenger, must wear a mask when checking in.  

  • Please have your ticket ready for scanning. 

  • At check-in, you will receive a flier with information about the Drive-In, including food ordering procedures, restroom procedures, and other important information. 

  • All films are broadcast to your car’s FM radio. Please be aware of how to put your car in Accessory mode, as engine idling is prohibited. If your car is not equipped with a radio, we recommended bringing one. The FM signal cannot be tuned into using a smartphone. There are no loudspeakers. 

  • All films are also shown with Open Captions.

  • Please review our traffic pattern on the map below!

  • Please note that INOVA will be using the parking lot highlighted in RED on the map. Please be sure to follow the WHITE line from the Entrance to Check-In area indicated in BLUE. We are proud to be sharing the space with INOVA, and are happy to respect this space they need. We ask that all of our guests stay out of the RED parking lot on the right side of the map and only follow the WHITE line and Drive-In Volunteers when they arrive. Thank you!

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Parking Policies

  • All vehicles must park FORWARD. If you wish to back into a space, you must ask one of our parking valet's to assist you in backing in. Once in, if you open your trunk, it CANNOT be blocking the view of those behind you. 

  • Recreational vehicles, commercial trucks or any nonstandard size vehicles may not enter.  

  • All passengers need to be in the car to enter. Guests may not have friends or family members in a truck bed, trailer, or any vehicle with more than 2 axels.  

  • The decision to direct your car to a specific space is at the discretion of the lot staff.  Failure to follow these instructions may result in your removal from the event.   

  • Once parked, you may not drive away until instructed by event staff. 

  • FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO CARS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER THE LOT IS CLOSED. Lot open/close times are posted on the ticketing website and in your confirmation email. We suggest arriving early for spaces closest to the screen. 

  • ONCE PARKED, YOU MUST STAY IN YOUR CAR. All guests must stay inside the vehicle at all times. There is no picnicking on the grounds, nor on your car’s roof, hood, truck, or truck’s bed. The only reason to leave your vehicle is to pick up a food order or use the restroom. Please follow procedures for each of these actions listed below. 

  • NO ENGINE IDLING. Because we park cars closely together, your engine exhaust will affect the safety of others.  You may start your engine periodically to keep the battery fresh, but for no more than one minute. 

Weather Policies

  • Events may be postponed or canceled due to inclement weather. Generally, we do not proceed with shows when there is more than a 50% chance of rain and/or winds over 10 MPH. If postponed or canceled, we will email ticketholders, as well as post an announcement on our social media accounts. Ticketholders are strongly encouraged to check these accounts before heading to the Alexandria Drive-In.

  • Tickets sales are not refundable and rain dates may or may not be available.  

  • While the film is running, in the event of light rain, the film will continue. In the event of a thunderstorm, event staff will decide whether to continue or cancel the event. Cars will be allowed to exit the lot when it is safe to do so, and only under the direction of Drive-In staff. 

Food Ordering Policies

  • Use the QR code on your welcome card to order food. Please do not approach the food trucks until you receive a text confirming your order is ready.

Restroom Procedure

  • Portable toilets are available towards the side of the lot, near the building.

  • Please line up (if needed) socially distanced. 

  • You must wear a mask or face covering to use the restroom. 

  • When outside your vehicle EnRoute to the restroom, please be respectful of others’ space. Stay at least 6’ away from others. 

  • After each use, the stalls and sinks are wiped down by the custodial staff. 

  • Please return to your vehicle using proper social distancing protocols.