Welcome Back!

We are so happy to be reopening this Spring to help provide fun, safe, family entertainment for our community! Interested in joining us to watch a movie? Check out what's playing HERE!


Ticket sales for March have just been opened! The movie lineup for April and May will be announced in the coming weeks!

The Mission

The goal of the drive-in has always been to unite and uplift the community in a year full of hardship.Thousands of people were able to escape their homes and enjoy a night out at the movies which raised over 100k for locally loved nonprofits and created many new small business opportunities.

This year, we are hoping to do the same! By partnering with local businesses, charities, and scholarship funds, we are hoping to provide entertainment and new opportunities for our community and those within it. We look forward to bringing movies back to Alexandria, and we hope to see you there!

contact us

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All media or rental inquiries, please contact Kyle Ronyecs at kyle@athenaresponse.org

The Alexandria Drive-In Theater is a fundraiser event benefitting ATHENA Rapid Response Innovation Lab, an Alexandria-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All proceeds directly benefit this and other local charities.